Statement on Cyber Attack Involving Sexual Violence Charities

Regarding the cyber attack that has impacted some sexual violence charities, Rape Crisis Network Ireland would like to assure survivors who have attended or are attending our member centres that our system has not been breached and our survivor data remains secure. RCNI members centres are:


Information for those arriving from Ukraine

In Ireland sexual violence is recognized a crime. Irish law says that sexual activity without your consent is a crime. This includes exploitation where you are pressurized into agreeing to something you do not wish (eg sexual acts in exchange for a place to stay etc).

In Ireland you can access

  • free medical care
  • independent and confidential support from civil society rape crisis centres and
  • the police will protect you and seek to prosecute the crime where possible.

We are here to support you, no matter your circumstances, without judgment. 

The sexual violence may have happened:

  • in Ukraine,
  • by soldiers or others,
  • it may have happened while you fled Ukraine,
  • it may have happened when you arrived in Ireland.
  • It may still be going on.

Go to for frequently asked questions, full details of services and contact details in Ukranian.

The 24 hour helpline has a translation service available Monday to Friday from 9am to  5pm.

Unfortunately services may not be able to guarantee translation at all times.

The three main services you may need are:

  • An Garda Siochana is the Irish police service and any guard will be able to support you if you approach them of visit the local police station. The guards have specialist units for sexual violence (DPSUs) and your case may be handled by them should you wish to go forward. You can seek protection from the guards if you are unsafe even if you are not sure you want to formally report.
  • Medical and forensic care is available at SATUs. The guards or rape crisis centre will ensure you have access if needed or contact them directly. SATUs provide specialist medical care including for STIs and provide pregnancy testing, even if you do not wish to report to the guards. They also may gather forensic evidence if possible (within the first 7 days of assault).
  • Rape crisis centres provide a safe place for you to be amongst professionals who understand how you are feeling – you may take up counselling or accompaniment services. They can provide you with information and support you in making any decisions or link you with relevant services to meet your needs.(details on map in


Reporting Rape as a Weapon of War

If you were raped or sexually assaulted by enemy soldiers in the war in Ukraine then you may want to report it, that is, make a statement so that it can be prosecuted as a war crime to the International Criminal Court. If this is what you want to do, please tell the local police and ask them to get in touch with the Garda National Protective Services Bureau so that they can get expert advice about the procedure to be followed. It is important in these cases that all the correct procedures are followed, so that your evidence can be used if there is a case against anyone in the International Criminal Court in the future.

More helpful information from the Irish Government is available here